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As you sail through life, you can hit some rough waters where waves come out of nowhere. Or maybe things are pretty good, but not quite what you had planned. If your goals or dreams have drifted, seem out of reach, or you just feel stuck, I can help navigate you to a better understanding of yourself for permanent change, and a more enriching life experience.

Services that I provide

Anxiety Therapy

Shame Therapy

Individual Therapy & Counseling

Stress Management

Couple Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Depression Therapy


Relationship Therapy

Family Counseling

Gender Issues

Trauma / PTSD Therapy

Life Coach & Career Counseling

Even highly successful individuals often need help figuring out how to deal with this ever-changing and fast-paced world.

If you have trouble establishing boundaries about guilt, performance, or are seeking to raise your self-esteem, let me help you reach your extraordinary potential.

I offer hypnosis for traumatic recall and healing, visualizing success, as well as enhancing performance for actors, writers, and other creative individuals.

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