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Eating Disorders

Dr. Daniel Slavin firmly believes that anyone can fully recover from an eating disorder, regardless of the severity or duration of the condition. His approach acknowledges that disordered eating can stem from a range of social, cultural, environmental, and interpersonal issues. He recognizes that eating disorders are coping strategies that can be learned and unlearned.

Dr. Slavin understands that eating disorders are adaptive in nature and can emerge when individuals struggle to self-soothe or manage their emotions. As such, his treatment goes beyond addressing the symptoms and instead tackles the underlying issues that trigger the disorder. This approach is essential for achieving long-term remission.

The treatment program offered by Dr. Slavin centers on developing new ways to manage the self, enhancing the ability to attend to internal needs, and fostering a sense of self-compassion. The outcome is improved self-esteem, interruption and elimination of harmful eating patterns, and the acquisition of tools to help individuals accept and love themselves again. Dr. Slavin is here to provide unwavering support on the path to healing and recovery. Let him help you reclaim your life and rediscover your sense of self.


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