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Lost Your Brain?
July 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM
by Daniel Slavin, PhD

As our brains respond slowly, it’s hard to be able to listen to others when we are in shock with the seemingly endless trail of concerns.

Sometimes we try to read a book only to find we have been flipping pages while daydreaming.

Do you ever walk into a room and have to retrace your steps to remember? Binge TV? Eating and drinking too much? No interest in sex or social contact of any kind? Procrastination?

Let me help you identify what is going on with you and come up with tangible obtainable goals. For example, writing a daily list of everything that could be bothering you. This may seem counterproductive, but free-floating anxiety takes a lot of energy. Your sub-conscience is running overtime trying to figure out a plan.

Sorry to mention the obvious, but exercise, even walking around the block can break the cycle of rumination and produce endorphins to give you a better sense of well being. I will teach you how to do what I do. If I were a mechanic, and you brought your car in for repair, instead of just fixing it, I teach you how to fix it yourself so that I become obsolete.

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